welcome to sacred jar crochet challenge
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What is #SJCC?

A challenge I make to boost my motivation to crochet new project. I draw different keywords from jars labelled; project, pattern & colour, every week to create a simple crochet project. So in other words, I let jars to decide a project to crochet! Hence it is sacred! But you can join this challenge too. I have made a Magic Journal for us! (Keep reading to view Journal)

Sacred Jar Crochet Challenge is also best known as #SJCC in Instagram. Follow my Instagram here and join the community.

How It Works?

crochet prompt, crochet challenge
sacred jar crochet challenge

or maybe you prefer seeing me explaining in video

Fusion Crocheter Lover

My website is for you if you love to crochet and fuse it with beads and some embroidery. We will try to infuse other arts elements in our project to make it unique and outstanding.

How to Join?

I am using My Website to share written pattern and for you to download Magic Journal while My Youtube Channel is the place to share video tutorial (if you are real beginner in crochet, I strongly suggest you subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out this very interesting challenge! So, just come back every week to know what to crochet. Let’s crochet along 🧶 Follow My Youtube Channel here.

Another way to join is by subscribing to my email listing so that you get notified everytime I upload new pattern. BONUS: You will also get access to my free crochet pattern library after claiming your password. Fill in form below to receive this promotion.

Magic Journal for Memento

I loooove journalling. But I just want to keep journalling simple. Therefore, I have created a 16 page Journal monthly for us to record our projects. By December 2023, we will have a flip through of our moments together! Oh that’s pretty emotional 🤧 You can download & print this Free Journal whenever I posted a SJCC Project weekly on my website. To begin, this is the link to 2023 SJCC Magic Journal!

Get a Mention When You Share

I want to build a community with you. I don’t have name yet to call us (like Amanda Rach Lee has her LilDoodle community), maybe one day we will have one (who knows you might have idea for me 🤗). For the time being, let’s use #SJCC to share our projects to the world. Then, I will mention you in my next SJCC video !

This is IMPORTANT. Let us share using #SJCC and tag me at Instagram to help us build community ! Thank you sooo much !