buy cheap yarns in Malaysia
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Hi, Lina here. Around 2 years ago, I struggled finding a place to buy yarns in Malaysia. Not that we don’t have our own yarn; the legendary Nona and Minlon but I wanted to search for something softer like milk cotton and wool. So I typed out ‘buy yarn Malaysia’ and ‘beli Benang kait Malaysia’ and remembered found located in Masai that sells yarn other than Minlon and Nona. Before that, you might want to check out how I buy yarn at cheap price + FREE SHIPPING in Shopee.

buy yarns in Malaysia
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Oh, by the way these picture above are Nona and Minlon yarn. Just a quick info, Nona and Minlon yarn are 3ply yarn; meaning it is considered Light DK yarn. If you have no idea what I’m talking here, check this link out. Alright, let’s now check out where you can buy yarns in Malaysia through Shopee.

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Lovely Knit House

Check this video out to know how I buy yarns at Lovelyknithouse; a Shopee online shop.


Check this video out to know how I buy yarns at Rikatrading; a Shopee online shop.

buy cheap yarns in Malaysia
buy cheap yarns in Malaysia through Shopee


  1. do u have any idea where i can get yarns in the form of a cake or cone in malaysia? prolly that sells in bulk as well

    1. Hi my suggestion would be go for mandala lion brand or caron cakes from yarnspiration from spotlight. But I know an ig shop; benangkaitmalaysia with whom I have bought yarns from Turkey. So u might want to ask mrs owner; Pn Ayza if she could offer u bulk purchase for cake yarn. Hope it helps.

  2. What is the different between every dk yarn. And which one is the most suitable to make cardigan or sweater in this weather

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