SJCC Feb Week 1 Crochet Heart Amigurumi Keychain

20 minute heart amigurumi crochet
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Hi, today, we will share how to crochet heart amigurumi keychain. By the way, we are in the first week of Sacred Jar Crochet Challenge (SJCC) or I simply address this challenge as #SJCC in Instagram and Facebook Page.

All credit goes to Crochet Club as this pattern is originated by it. You can click this link to purchase PDF version. Click here.

Video tutorial

I have recorded a video with 26 minutes duration on how I make this simple heart keychain. I think it’s perfect for valentine. You can view the tutorial below.

Magic Journal for #SJCC

This journal consist an introduction from me, an infographic about what is Sacred Jar Crochet Challenge and weekly template journal.

Share and tag!

If you are someone busy but would love to crochet at your valuable free time, I encourage you to join this challenge as I will only be sharing quick and simple project. Don’t forget to tag me in Instagram by using #SJCCC so I have the chance to mention your work in my next video.

'Quick crochet within a day. Happy crocheting, happy journaling.'


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