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Howdie everyone. Oh my God! I have not posted anything since centuries ago. As you know now, the pandemic Covid 19 is striking us real bad. The condition is not any better in my homeland, Malaysia. This lockdown or we call it Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) a.k.a Movement Control Order (MCO) has effected not only the patients, the frontliners and the government, but also me. So, this lockdown in Malaysia for crocheter like me means something else actually.


What I do during Lockdown?

Aside from living my life like I usually do while working from home (I am a teacher, so I have online class to handle), I usually crochet. Like I have said, if I always find piles of excuses to not crocheting, now I have them no more.

I mainly am trying to:

  1. Finish my orders (oh I have more orders than before now that people get bored and they want to own an amigurumi too when my seeing my pictures)
  2. Planning on a mini project called 30 DAYS RAMADHAN CROCHET CHALLENGE. I just want to try optimizing a camera I bought from Shopee just recently (it is the absolute beginner camera, Canon EOS M100)
  3. Get started to work for Youtube channel and frequent blogging

Okay, that’s it.

What you can do now to be More Productive?

I came across this one small course in Skillshare. It’s called The Perfect 100 Day Project: Your Guide to Explosive Creative Growth┬áby Rich Armstrong.

The Perfect 100 Day Project: Your Guide to Explosive Creative Growth lockdown in malaysia for crocheter
source: Skillshare

I don’t know about you, but I always have this DOUBT and PROCRASTINATION issues when wanting to start on a project. So, I think going through this short course will help me find strength, vision and how. Do join if you have the same problem.

So, since the lockdown in Malaysia has reached 41 days as of today (27 April , Kuala Lumpur time) I think I have to do something serious to remain productive as a crocheter. You might want to check my list of simple crocheting ideas , PENCIL CASE TO DO WITH TAPESTRY CROCHET here.

Get to know other Crocheters in Facebook Group

Thanks to lockdown in Malaysia, crocheter like me has had the opportunity to socialize and get to know other crocheters in Facebook Group. I rarely have time before to scroll through thousands of posts in the groups I have joined. But now, I enjoyed doing so, I even shared some tips and resources as well as my projects in the groups.

hobi mengait malaysia facebook group lockdown in malaysia for crocheter
source: Facebook Group

Enliven my Facebook Page

You might not know, I have set up a Facebook Page called Irsalinaisa. I intend to share tips, simple crochet projects and crocheting resources in the page. Do follow my page if you want to support me.

lockdown in malaysia for crocheter irsalina isa quick crochet within a day facebook page
source: Irsalina Isa Quick Crochet Within a Day

In short, lockdown in Malaysia for crocheter like me is NOT THAT BAD!

I have to agree that Covid 19 has turned our life upside down. What is normal for us is no longer is. Schools, workplaces, premises and government have implemented the ‘new norm’ since the outbreak. I know very well that it’s purpose is to keep our safety in top priority but not everyone can simply abide by the new lifestyle.

As for me, I always have this hunch that says 2020 is special. I have that believe since I was in school. I am 27 this year and I have counted back then how much will I have achieved at this age and I am glad I found crocheting as a side hustle.

My journey to become a full time Crochet Content Creator is showing some light amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic and lockdown.

LOCKDOWN IN 2020 will remain special in my heart.

lockdown in malaysia for crocheter kuala lumpur
source: Straitstimes

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