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Hi everyone! It is a fascinating experience for crocheters when we can have a cupboard FULL OF YARNS displayed majestically. Do you? I do. By the way, before I go deeper on listing the 21 top yarn brand from all around the globe, I don’t want you to miss out my collections of 10 Cheap Yarn Shop in Malaysia and 15 Top Amigurumi Crocheters And The Link to Their Personal Site. Check these post by clicking on the link! Quick!

Disclaimer: This post is written based on my observations and researches through Google and you might not agree with some of the list I have here. I am fine with that because I believe everybody has their own perception towards something.

Okay time to reveal my list!

Oh, you can click on the brand title name to surf their personal site. Easier that way right?


This is Redheart yarn.

I first encountered Redheart yarn when I learned crocheting online. But after looking at the price, I gulped (I shop in Ringgit Malaysia, so you know why). Hehe. So, I go for local yarn as of now because I know where I stand 😀 But I will one day get my hand on Redheart! I promise!!!

You can buy this yarn at only 6 USD here. Quick while stock last!


Lion brand is popular among top crocheters (from my humble observation). All About Ami is its ambassador and I believe there is more. I just don’t keep track of them. So, here is how Lion Brand yarn looks like.

Get this yarn for just 2.97 USD here. While stock last!


I especially loooveee Paintbox Yarn for this set below 👇

This is the Simply DK 10g set of 56 colours. Auwww so cute!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

And the picture below is their Simply Aran 100 G

Pretty aren’t they!!!


Based on Netherland, I too am very curious about this yarn. I really love its package though. Look below.

Classy right. Get your Stone Washed + River Washed limited edition for just 69 USD by clicking at the picture below. Quick quick!


If you are fond of Edward’s Menagerie Amigurumi collection by Kerry Lord, then you must be familiar with TOFT, her yarn brand. I dream of owning a TOFT exclusive brand made from alpaca. They are collections of pastel and earthy colour yarn. Like this

Attractive right!!!


This yarn is from Turkey and I don’t know much about it actually. However, I saw many Turkish crocheter using it to crochet and knit and they recommend it. For me, I think the packaging (of course first impression wins! ) is neat and cute, so why not trying to own it right?


This yarn is also from Turkey. Aside from USA and UK, crocheting among Turkish and Russian seems to be having high popularity too. In Malaysia, I don’t see many profesional crochet for fulltime. It is rather become their hobby and is very much popular among seniors. However, I started to see many youngsters adopting this hobby recently.

8. ICE

Ice yarn is very popular in Malaysia. What about in your place? I personally love its ball type Alpaca yarn. Will one day buy it!!!


Bernat yarn lies under Yarnspiration brand. So, if you were to search for it in FB and IG, please type Yarnspiration instead of Bernat.


The first time I found Sirdar yarn, it was Alpine Sirdar displayed with shine on my desktop. In no time, I abruptly fell in LOVEEE ❤️❤️❤️. Ah….enough said, you see on your own this almighty.

Ain’t it gorgeous?????

Get your Alpine Sirdar here. Quick!!!

Okay, some more…

Owhhh…Giselleeee ❤️❤️❤️


Willow yarn offers FREE SHIPPING for OVER $60 purchase by applying code FS60. Go check it out in the link above!!!

Okay now some eye opener to Willow yarns….

Look at the neat awesome balls!!!!

Willow is one among top exclusive yarn brand to own but at reasonable price, as I’d check in the website at $3 the lowest. They also offer FREE PATTERN every WEDNESDAY.


A French based company and its website is currently under maintainanced. If you notice, you can get Bergere De France when you surf Willow’s website, isn’t it? Yup, they collaborate. But I’m not really sure if you can buy Willows from BDF.

Okay now let’s feast.

13. 4 SEASONS (Formerly known as VERA MODA)

This is the most common brand you see in Spotlight or any local yarn store. Right? I don’t know why but maybe because of the price being reasonable. For me, 4 Seasons is worth buying for a foreign product. It’s quality top the price and you won’t regret paying extra to have a taste of how imported-branded yarn performs. At least this is from a POV of Malaysian using foreign yarn.

14. NAKO

I loveee its name sooo much!! Like when I first knew it, the name sticks to my head. NA-KO. Simple yet impressive. Though it sounds Japanese, but it actually originated from Turkey. Yeah, the Turkish made it. Malaysian currently is in trend with buying Turkey yarn (Alize, Kartopu and Nako), I mean there are event warehouse selling these yarns by IG Shoppers. They even fly to Turkey for supply to support sky rocketing demand.


Facewool yarn is yarns with mini crocheted doll attached to it. That explains the name, Wool with a FACE. It’s cute and will definitely attracts people’s attention for its tremendously impressive packaging. I don’t have to over sugar-coat here, picture below will support my opinion, BAM.

So am I telling lie here?

I have checked in Google but couldn’t find its website but you can actually buy it from Spotlight. No worries okay!


If you are searching for metallic and shining yarn, then MILFORD is the answer. Wrapped neatly in a ball, it seems clean. Same as 4 Seasons, Milford can be found in Spotlight as well. Okay, enough said, look yourself.


100% Cotton 4ply is produced from high quality combed and mercerized cotton. In a range of stunning colours, this yarn is perfect for light summer tops and accessories, summer knits for babies and delicate crocheted trims and borders.


You can find every shade of the rainbow in premium acrylic Caron yarnCaron yarn takes color inspiration from everywhere, making it easy for you to find the right project for you. I am currently in love with Caron cake!


Lily Sugarn Cream is a fun, everyday essential cotton yarn! Made of soft, absorbent, 100% USA grown cotton this yarn is available in a huge range of shades . Look below, I love the colour!!!!!!


They currently carry over 372 varieties of crochet and knitting yarn! Browse the latest selections from CascadeBerroco, and Anzula. I first get to hear about JBW from All About Ami when Steph promoted the Namaste crochet bag. One thing that out stand JBW from other famous brand in the industry is they handmade everything! Aouwwww…look at the colour!!!


Rowan produce a large range of luxurious hand knitting yarns in premium fibres, such as merino, alpaca, cashmere and cotton. Originally from Yorkshire, Rowan is well-known for its luxury, premium and organically sourced yarns since 1978!!! Wow, are they the Sephora of yarn? Indeed looks very exclusive, the yarns.

Alright that is all!


So, I Lina here signing out…BOOM!

famous yarn to own for every crocheters lists by irsalina isa


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