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Hi, Lina here. Just want to talk about building a brand with you today. I believe, the big reason why you are here (stumbling yourself) on my website is you have heard of Creative Platform (formely known as Wired creatives) somewhere and are curious if this course worth spending. Am I right! Correct? High Five. So, here I am today wanting to share about my Creatives Platform honest review as I had taken this course since 25 December 2018 (yes, on a Christmas night, I know). Upon that, taking this course has helped me FIGURED OUT MY OWN MEANINGFUL BRAND like this!

Building Your Own Meaningful Brand with Wired Creative

The compass in finding a direction for your brand

So, just like the poster indicates, Creatives Platform course is directed for those struggling in STARTING A BRAND especially THE NICHE, THE PURPOSE and VISION in starting a new brand.

You can check on your own their syllabus here. Below is a sneak peek of the syllabus.

wired creatives syllabus

In this Creatives Platform honest review, I will share with you how I build my brand with Hannah and Nate’s simple yet very rich in information course.

Creatives Platform helps me find purpose

If you don’t know (yet), my niche is crochet and I knew this even before I decided to purchase the course on Christmas Night. However, niche alone is not enough, from Creatives Platform course, Hannah taught me to narrow down my niche like.

  • Crochet – What kind of crochet?
  • Quick Crochet project – Why quick crochet project?
  • Because I’m usually busy and wanting a project that can be finished within a day.

Then, from there onwards, I plan my tagline : Quick Crochet Within A Day

I know, it is not easy in searching for a narrowed down niche (specific one), Creatives Platform course made it easy by using a secret technique.

Get creative with designing in a simple way

This is the best part of all. After all the headache in finding your purpose, you will get to the stage where you design your logo, search for WordPress theme, your official colour and your official fonts. Again, Creatives Platform never let you figure everything alone. They help you go everything like handing hand. You just have to follow one step at a time.

Figure on your own VS Follow a Mentor

I once thought of searching everything online rather than signing up for a course like Creatives Platform. BUT!!!! After some time, I got OVERWHELMED with TOO MUCH INFORMATION until I can’t even list down which should I start first. Everything is all out of place!!


But, when you have syllabus to follow, you know exactly that after 32 videos throughout the whole syllabus, you will get there. So, figure on your own still??? Better not. Hehe

They teach you marketing made simple!

I am a right minded person! I can’t think much when it comes to finance, marketing, business and networking. My arts neurons and cells just freeze upon listening all that. That explains explain why I crochet!

But, with Creatives Platform, they teach you reach audience through some simple techniques even a marketing noob like me can figure out. You will encounter looootss of “Ahha!”, “Alright…next” and “Wow…just like that?”

They teach you to create product you never think of!!!! …and of course a simple product that hits

I never do business before. I never sell even a single sweet to my friends when in elementary. Hehe. So, I got agonized upon hearing the word PRO-DUCT! But, after going through the course, I got real excited. My mood plummeted. I scribbled over many ideas coming to my head. I planned meticulously. Plan first, execute later! Hehe

Monetize your brand!!!!

Through their simple but complete guidance, you will know how to monetize your brand using several methods aside from creating your own product. I tried putting on Ads, signing up for affiliate program they suggested and I did make my first USD 0.97!!! Yes I know that’s not even a chunk but who cares!!! I made them while asleep.

You can make money by becoming their AMBASSADOR!!!

You know one reason of me writing this review is because I’m fulfilling my duty as an ambassador while being paid awesomely! It’s a noble job. You share good things to people and in return get paid. Oh don’t fret either, they will teach you how to become an ambassador at your own comfort. They provide materials and you just have to use them.

So, now how they sounds to you? Still not worth it? I’m speechless if so.

What!!!! You want to be like me????

Sure, sure! Here’s how you can be part of this warm crowd. Simply click on this link below

How To Create A Meaningful Personal Brand

Okay, make sure you click this link okay. Use my promotion code : CREATE to get a $29/monthly from actual price at $79/monthly. Just through my link okay!

Disclaimer: Links in this post contain affiliate link which when you make purchase, I can get commission and you get to purchase what you want in return without losing anything. 


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Wired Creative (now Creative Platform) hasreally helped me find my blog purpose and search for identity. I owe them Nate and Hannah a lot 😊

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