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When I was younger, to be specific (12-19 years old) I was so crazy over novels. I read every novels available in my school’s library. Novel costs RM20 at least and I need to scrap money roughly RM5 per week. My parents gave me RM3 per day  though out lower, middle and high school period and I saved up RM1 everyday purposely to buy novel at the end of the month. So, to buy a new novel could really put me in a Cast Away. If you know what I meant.

Then, when I started entering 20 series, my excitement towards novel subsided. I switched to Travelogue and Self Motivation genre. Novels no more I guess.

NOW, at 25, I think my preferences changed again. Some of my friends said they cannot brain this. My parents and brothers laughed in disbelief. I don’t know about the culture at your place, but here in Malaysia, crocheting or we call it in Malay ‘me-nga-it’ is very synonym to a hobby adopted by elderly woman. Not many youngsters enjoy crocheting and knitting. Now that I have taken up this as a new hobby, I met a small community in Instagram consists of those young and middle-aged local woman and I started thinking that crocheting is not that old school.

I just didn’t find the right community yet! As I explored deeper, I found several local stores selling yarns and crochet tools. So I no longer can call crocheting an expensive hobby.


It was my final year in USM and I encountered knitting video in Youtube. I immediately thought it’s a quite cool hobby. Then I bought my very first crochet hook at local sewing store back in my hometown. In Penang, I just couldn’t find affordable sewing tool store. I think I was lacking information back then.

I started my very first lesson from Bella Coco vlogger and my first crochet pattern is Granny Square. I bought Nona Yarn, a local yarn brand and practicing with them. I made a mini blanket which turned out as table cloth now. HEHE.

But that didn’t last long. I got so caught up with teaching practical (2 months in Penang and 2 months in Banyuwangi) for a whole semester and called crocheting a break. But from a merely break, it had become a complete interlude. It came but then forgotten. My humble 2 metallic crochet hook left unattended. Those Nona Yarn dusting.


Just recently, I was stressed out. Working had really taking its toll on me. I became emotionally imbalanced.

So, one day, I thought of giving my crocheting tools a visit. Surprisingly, I become regular visitor then! And with financial siding on me this time around, I decided to give crocheting a second chance.

From that day onwards, I become crazy again. This time around it’s not novel. It’s crocheting.

So, since I think it’s not that bad to take up this hobby, I had signed up an account in Instagram : @budakcrochet as an online journal to document my projects. If you are a crocheter too and would want to include me in your community, you can follow me. Hope we can be friend.

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