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If I were to keep being the old me when I first started talking, eating, walking, staring like how I think a teacher should be, then I would appear on the front page of tomorrow’s local paper. Headline: DIED OF EXHAUSTION AND BEING FAKE

So, after considering some changes to my style as a teacher, I finally found these how-to made me a happier teacher.


Perfection tires you out, throw you to deep dark hole of frustration. I was a perfectionist. The somebody that make sure everybody stands on their seat, lessons are planned in detailed including time allocation and greetings simultaneously is a must. I was that person. But today no more. When I try to be a bit lenient and tolerant, I am actually learning to feel satisfied. Once this happen, that audience of yours (your student) which I expected to be less discipline before actually is behaving better. I don’t know how to explain how the mechanism work. I don’t do psychology. I don’t have psychic either. I just entrusting myself that if I respect them, they would to me. No, they WILL. Truly magical!


This is cliche. I read about this quote all the time. But hey this cliche reminder is actually true. Before this, I used to see my students as those need disciplinary improvement. I was convinced that most of them need me to correct them. That is totally not making any sense. I completely forgotten that my core business is to share knowledge. It is also to help them find what they need in bettening their cognitive, their softskill and their personality. Correcting people is none in the list. Never it has been there in the first place!


This is the hardest part of all. I am not convinced if I had become an inspiration to anybody along my career day. I wish I did. But if not for that one teacher who had inspired me when I was 15, I ¬†would not believe that I actually CAN be better in English. If not for that one teacher who inspired me when I was 17, I would not believe that I actually can write so well. Again, becoming an inspiration to somebody is not a piece of cake, is not something can be done overnight. But if someday in the future, one of my student (even if only ONE) tells me I have inspired him/her in a matter I would never expected, then that’s it. I have made a person’s life better.


The biggest mistake done by me during my first semester teaching was too scared, too rigid and too strict. Remember I said about correcting people. That includes my teaching in the class. I just get to know them. I was partially insecured. The half of myself said I need to show them what I worth. The other side of myself was fighting insecurity. So, I was actually becoming somebody I don’t recognize. On Monday, I was warm and happy. But when I think they took over the control button the class, I switched to stern mode the next session. I was inconsistent and not being myself. Now that a year had passed, I think I am slowly catching up with my old self. My true self. During lesson, I realised, I am more relaxed, every words spoted from my mouth are those concern I have towards their life plan. It comes from my heart. This time around, it’s not to overpower them, it’s to guide them walk through thorns and bushes.



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