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Disclaimer: This article is suitable for crocheter who loves a certain crocheter’s style and not wanting to get sunk in sea of patterns!

Community-Based Website VS Personal Site

Usually when searching for amigurumi patterns in any search engine, you will encounter 2 types of sharing site. The community-based and the personal-based.

Community-based is a platform where most crocheters (established and beginner) upload and share their patterns in the website. The patterns can be both Free and Paid version.

Personal-based on the other hand is a platform for private individuals who share their patterns too but through their own platform. In other words, Personal Site@Website.

But I prefer…

Often time, people will go for Community-Based as it is easy and contains patterns from various sources. However, between crocheter community-based website like Ravelry, Amigurumi Today, Love Crochet, Amigurumi Patterns and All Free Crochet, I personally love Personal Site more.

Not that I don’t like community-based website, I just thought that too much patterns and types of crocheting project can be overwhelming!

Moreover, I am the type of person who’s loyal towards a certain style when choosing a particular crocheting project. So if I had grown interest towards Chrocheter A’s style then I just can’t get enough of her pattern. There are some qualities in her that I adore; colour preferences for example.

So I want to make sure I subscribe her email listing, I follow her style closely and I will not miss any of her newsletter! I’m like that 😁

So, anyone in my boat here? 🙌 (me….me….)

The Lists of 15 Top Amigurumi Crocheters

Okay, now enough with my ranting 😜 . I know you have been waiting so long to reach the lists of 15 top amigurumi crocheter, right? Anyway, be noted that I will share the link where you can reach the top amigurumi crocheters together with some of their magnificent work’s pictures (credited of course). You can do brief self-check on which of the lists suits your liking.

So, without further ado I disclose my (exclusive) lists of top amigurumi crocheters from world wide. I hereby present to you the 15 top amigurumi crocheter and their personal site (so you can be very close with them!)


Credit and link: Picapauyan

Yan Schenkel is the one behind Animal Friends of Picapauyan. Her book is so popular, you can find it always in every online bookstore. I want to help you save time browsing, so just click picture below to know more of the book.

Click on picture to know more
Click on picture to know more


Credit and link: A Menagerie of Stitches

The person behind A Menagerie of Stitches is Lauren Espy. She was formerly working in a museum and self though herself crocheting as a side hustle before doing full time crocheting as a career. Such an inspiring story 😭

You can get a touch of her pattern below. Click on picture.

Click to know more about her pattern


Credit and link: Big Bebez

I am regret to say that I couldn’t find an English form personal site for Big Bebez. Sorry all. Her/his actual name too is unknown but one thing we knew of her/him is that he/she is Korean. You can click on the link above to go to her/his Amigurumi Patterns page. You can also do your purchases there. She/He can also be found on Instagram here.

Credit to Big Bebez


Credit and link: All About Ami

Stephanie is the one behind All About Ami. So far I couldn’t find any book she published but she sells patterns in Etsy and Craftsy. Check out some of her works below.

Credit to All About Ami
Amigurumi Bunny Pillow by All About Ami
Credit to All About Ami


Credit and link: Ahookamigurumi

Her name is Ophelie, a full time amigurumi designer, wow! She hasn’t publish any book yet but is actively sharing and selling her e-book in Etsy. Check some of her patterns below.

Credit to Ahookamigurumi
Credit to Ahookamigurumi


Credit and link: Little Muggles

Her name is Amy and she had published numbers of collaborated pattern especially in Zoomigurumi series.

her work

Make sure to check out her published pattern and get your copy here. Click on picture to view the contents and learn more about her books.

Zoomigurumi the latest series
Click on picture to view her latest publication


Credit and link: Sweet Amigurumi Design

Her name is Femke Vindevogel . I couldn’t find and of her published patterns but she sells through Etsy and Craftsy. The one thing I love about Femke’s patterns is her colours. Check the colours below.

Neat and cute colour. Credit to Sweet Amigurumi Design
Credit to Sweet Amigurumi Design


Credit and link: Moji Moji Design

She is Janine Holmes, the designer of Moji Moji Design. Aside from crocheting specialing in amigurumi, she has a BA (Hons) and a Masters degree in Constructed Textiles. Such an amazing woman I say!

her Freddie Mercury
her some other pattern in Etsy
Click on picture to get a hardcopy of her work featured in Zoomigurumi 8 series


Credit and link: Edwards Crochet

Most crocheter must have encountered her masterpiece! The one behind Edwards Crochet is none other but the TOFT founder, Kerry Lord. She had published many books and you can grab one below.

Some of her simple pattern
Buy the book by clicking on picture


Credit and link: Lalylala

It’s Lydia Tesselt who is behind the super cute amigurumi brand name Lalylala. She had published many books and the one which sell best is below. Click on picture to buy.

Click on picture to purchase her book
Credit to Lalylala


Credit and link : Zabbez

Zabbez belongs to Bas Den Braver, a crochet designer from Netherland. His concept revolves around flowers, greens and nature. If you noticed he is the ONLY MALE chrocheter from my list here! He too had published a pattern book but unfortunately it is only available in Dutch now. If you happen to know Dutch you might want to check where to buy the book. Click link HERE.

Credit to Zabbez
The book


Credit and link: Sonspopkes

Sonja van der Wijk is a animal crochet doll from Netherland. She is an animal lover so that explains her preference’s pattern. So some of her arts below.

her and life
Credit ti Sonspopkes
Credit to Sonspopkes


Credit and link to : Keep Calm and Crochet on UK

The person behind this website is Heather C Gibbs. A wonderful lady whose “happily married and a full time working mum with two young girls With a hectic lifestyle the one thing that keeps her sane and calm is crocheting.”, she said in Ravelry. Check out her works below.

Credit to Keep Calm and Crochet On UK
Credit to Keep Calm and Crochet On UK
Credit to Keep Calm and Crochet On UK


Credit and link to : Yunies

Yunies is a self-taught crocheter from my neighbour country, Singapore. She crochets after receiving a crochet bear amigurumi on her birthday. She is actively selling her pattern in Etsy and you can out her works here.

Credit to Yunies
Credit to Yunies


Credit and link to : Amiamour

Owner of this neat blog is Sharon and she loves to create cute crochet creatures. Check her works below.

Credit to Amiamour
Credit: amiamour

Okay that’s it!

Finally, before I leave I just want to remind you again that you HAVE to click this link here where I share my exclusive list about 10 Cheap Yarn Shop in Malaysia. You definitely don’t want to miss it!!!

I crochet only simple and quick project which you can finish within a day! I love compiling resources about yarns, crochet techniques, simple amigurumi projects, tips for crocheting and some designs of my own. I hope you like my sharing!

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